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What Clients Are Saying

Over the last several years Sherry has very effectively applied her expertise as a consultant to me and my organization. She has helped me to jump start management teams helping to build focus and identify issues early-on in the organizational development process. She has been a great partner for our team.

Kriss Kirchhoff, Vice President, Business Imaging and Printing Connectivity, HP

I have worked with Sherry Lund through two turnaround challenges. She has contributed directly to the success of these organizations and our management teams through team building and helping improve accountability, communication, and strategic planning. Through individual coaching as well as team development, Sherry will help any organization improve its management performance and ultimately, its bottom line. You can be guaranteed that you will realize significant returns on your investment in her consulting help.

Ken Cohen, CEO, Alameda County Medical Center.

Two friends and I, from different disciplines, started a company just when the economic bubble was bursting in the United States. The timing couldn't have been tougher, but we believed that we had something worthy of investing our time and money. We called on Sherry Luncd from the start. She helped us structure the company, figure out communication pathways, and talk about the difficult idea of exit strategies. Today our company is healthy, growing, and in the black. Sherry's input has been an invaluable part of this company's present day success.

Nancy Snyderman, M.D., Founder, Lluminari.

Sherry demonstrated a true commitment to the success of our project and never let up. She created a true sense of collaboration, where success and failure would be shared. She is genuine and gained my trust immediately. Her approach is personalized, flexible and no-nonsense. I was serious about professional, personal and organizational development and so was Sherry. She encouraged balance and provided me with tools that have allowed me to succeed at work and in life.

Michael Littlejohn, Vice President, Operations, Tosoh-SET.

No matter the setting Sherry Lund has a terrific ability to understand and facilitate any group to a place of greater understanding and effectiveness.

Susan Love, M.D., Founder ProDuct Health; and Founder, Lluminari

I have worked with Sherry on numerous projects within HP over the last 10 years and now in Addison Avenue Federal Credit Union. Of course, whenever I recommend a consultant for a project, that recommendation affects my reputation as a source of good resources. I'm happy to say that the General Managers I've supported over the years, have always been very satisfied with the work Sherry does. She easily adapts to a wide range of styles and needs, always customizing, never using a canned approach. As a result, Sherry is always top of mind when someone asks me for a resource in her area of expertise.

Nancy Calcese, Director, Human Resources, Addison Avenue Federal Credit Union.
Former Human Resources Manager, HP.

I called on Sherry's consulting skills for over 10 years at Intel on strategic planning, organizational design, team development, and initiatives involving groups such as Intel fellows and major universities with great success. As an example of the latter, Sherry was able to bridge the hard-edged, results orientation culture (Intel) and the process focus of universities, leading both groups to define common outcomes and milestones and, more importantly, agree on a set of shared values and processes for conducting business.

Margie Kintz, President, Intel Foundation 1989-1999.

Representative Client List

  • Addison Avenue Federal Credit Union
  • Alameda Co. Emergency Medical Systems
  • Alameda Co. Public
  • Health Department
  • American Electronics
  • Association
  • Bell Northern Research
  • Carnegie Mellon University (Provost)
  • Cisco Systems
  • City of Fremont
  • Computer Curriculum Corporation
  • County of Santa Cruz
  • County of Riverside
  • Currenex
  • Dazel Corporation
  • Fox & Carskadon
  • The Gap, Inc.
  • Genelabs, Inc.
  • Hewlett-Packard Company
  • Hospice of Bend-LaPine
  • Icarian
  • Intel Corporation
  • Jurika-Voyles, Inc.
  • Levi Strauss & Co.
  • Lluminari (Nancy Snyderman, Susan Love, M.D.’s)
  • Madge Networks
  • Nellcor, Inc.
  • Northern Telecom
  • Quantum
  • S. H. Cowell Foundation Board
  • Software Publishing Company
  • Summit Medical Center
  • Sun Microsystems
  • Trimble Navigation, Inc.
  • University of California
  • Viacom
  • Wells Fargo Nikko Investment Advisors
  • Windy Hill Technology (Susan Love, M.D.)

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